"A Look Back at the Merging of Theory and Practice"
presented by Chris Stethem

Thursday, October 2, 2014
Kinnear Centre  |  Tickets $78.75 (incl. tax)

Join the ISSW conference delegates as we socialize and celebrate our community with a delicious meal of Alberta beef (there will be a vegetarian option too), followed by a captivating keynote presentation from Chris Stethem.

Chris’s lifetime of work in the avalanche industry spans several generations, many countries and countless snowpacks. Over a 40 year career in avalanche work he has explored the ins and outs of the merging of theory and practice in a wide variety of projects. The evening’s presentation will look at the lighter side of the melding of ideas, skills, actions and outcomes amidst the uncertainty of the snowy mountains.

440 tickets

About Chris Stethem


Chris is well known to many in the international avalanche industry. He has been involved in avalanche field work, education and consulting since the mid 1970's. Chris had a key involvement with the early BC Institute of Technology avalanche courses and as such has been an educator and mentor to several generations of avalanche professionals. Several key initiatives have felt Chris's hand including: the formation of the Canadian Avalanche Association, Centre AND Foundation; the development of the world renowned InfoEx - which are major influences in the Canadian and international avalanche communities.

His contribution to operational training and standards continues to set the bar to which guides and forecasters are trained to. Work in the area of legal defence has strengthened and clarified standards in the industry.