JORT Special Issue

JORT Special Issue

Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism

ISSW 2014 authors of studies focusing on the human dimension of avalanche safety, avalanche accidents or papers focusing on management implications should consider submitting a paper for a special issue of the Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism (JORT) . We are very excited about providing non-natural science studies with a new outlet and hope that this collaboration will help to establish a more permanent home for this growing area of avalanche safety research. Authors of studies focusing on more traditional snow and avalanche research should consider submitting to Cold Regions Science and Technology instead.

In the first year of this new collaboration, ISSW submissions will be part of a JORT special issue on risk in outdoor recreation and nature based tourism. Click here for more information on the special issue.

Papers submitted to this special issue must contain original research and need to be significantly different from those published in the ISSW Proceedings.

  • Original research
    The submission to JORT should be innovative and include original research (e.g., analysis of field studies, experiments or interviews, systematic discussion of case studies, linkages to a theoretical framework, etc.). The application of an existing management method in a new location without broader conclusions is not sufficient.
  • Academic focus
    While your paper for the ISSW proceedings should be aimed at practitioners and focus on the practical application of the results of your study, your submission to JORT should targeted the broader outdoor recreation research community and have considerable academic value. Detailed descriptions of methods and the theoretical background of your study are important components of for your JORT submission.
  • Link to outdoor recreation management
    Despite the academic focus, your submission to JORT should clearly highlight the practical implications of your findings for outdoor recreation management, which can include personal risk management, operational risk management or government policies. This should not be a problem for any study presented at the ISSW.

Please notes that the formatting guidelines for submissions to JORT are different from the ISSW guidelines. Click here for details. All manuscripts should be submitted online through Elsevier Editorial System (EES), which can be accessed here. These papers will undergo rigorous peer review.

Important Dates for Authors:

  • Nov 7, 2014: Deadline for statement of interest to the guest editor
  • Mar 15, 2015: Deadline for submission of manuscript
  • Sep 15, 2015: Completion of review and revision process
  • Nov 2015: Estimated publication of special issue

For more information on JORT or this special issue, please contact Pascal Haegeli (Guest Editor) or Ulrike Proebst-Haider (Editor-in-Chief).