How to Extract Text from Photo in Windows 10?

In Windows 10, there are a couple of tools, which you can use to extract text from any image. These tools are simple and allow you to recognize text in seconds. In today's article, we will look at how to extract text from images in Windows 10. To extract photo to text, you need to have a Microsoft account to install the Photo scan application through the store or to configure OneNote. Extract text from images using Photo Scan. Photo Scan is the simplest application that is able to extract text from an image.

What Steps Should You Make?

Check the steps you are expected to make:

  • Open the "Store" and search through the search "Photo Scan" => select from the results found and click "Receive";
  • After installation, run the application through the "Start" menu. In the app you can: upload an image from any folder on your computer by clicking on “Browse Photo” and opening the desired one; using a webcam to take a picture of the desired image for recognition, to do this, click on Use Camera; also, paste the image from the buffer by clicking on the Paste image. You can also just find the image in the explorer, the text of which you want to extract, click on it with the right mouse button => select "Open with" => Photo Scan.

The image opens in the Photo Scan application, the image itself is in the middle column, and the extracted text is in the right column. Now you can simply copy it by placing the cursor in the extracted text => pressing the Ctrl + A keys to select text => and pressing Ctrl + C to copy text => then for example in a Word document, paste it. Also, at the top there is a copy button.

There is also a “save” button at the top, if you click on it then the document will be saved in txt format. In the same menu, if you select a speaker - the extracted text will be voiced to you.

This is the easiest way to recognize text from an image in Windows 10, and most importantly, no paid programs are needed and everything is done quickly. If you use a local account on a computer, then after entering the store under a Microsoft account, it could replace your local account in order to return everything as it was - follow the instructions “How to make a local user from a Microsoft account."

Extract Text from an Image Using OneNote

This method is a bit more complicated. Open the OneNote application. If you log into the application for the first time, you will need to enter your Microsoft account. Go to "Insert" => "Drawings". Find and open the image from which you want to extract the text. On the image, click the right mouse button and select "Copy text from the picture". Now, you can paste text into any application, for example, open Word and paste it there. Follow the tips and you are likely to deal with the task quickly and effectively.